I was introduced to this product about 14 years ago and I really miss it when I run out. I decided to buy this larger amount and I am now back on my routine. My body is back in its rhythm. No constipation and feeling good! The extra nutrients helps my skin and nails as well.
— Katie, Amazon Reviewer

I am glad to be taking these again!! I took these years ago... and it helped me feel better, sleep better, lose weight, of course with these supplements I am getting my fruits and vegetables!! I am a firm believer in Juice Plus!!
— -Doug, Amazon Reviewer

I’ve been enjoying the benefits of JuicePlus (JP) for approximately nine years, and counting. It works! But it’s not an end all, be all. One must supplement JP with good (fluoride-free) water, good rest, good nutrition, and exercise.

I have no skin in the game. I am not a JP distributor nor an employee; never have been.

My experience
These nutritionals give me more energy, healthier skin, and improved intercourse (an unintended consequence...organs work better when nourished!). Long term benefits: No allergies, colds / coughs, headaches, or fatigue.

There are two (2) bottles with 120 capsules in each: Garden Blend (green lid) and Orchard Blend (red lid). The Company recommends taking two (2) capsules with each meal. Two capsules from the Orchard Blend in the morning and two capsules of the Garden Blend in the afternoon.

I’ve read several reviews on JuicePlus (JP) ranging from “pyramid scheme” to “over-priced” and all in between.

Firstly, pyramids are illegal in every state in the Union. Network Marketing is not a pyramid, and is possibly the last bastion of free enterprise for the masses. It’s an industry, which offers those who participate a chance to escape the cramped, shrinking community and corporate economic environments and move into a new world of unlimited financial opportunity and potential.

Network Marketing is the opposite of traditional concepts of how capitalism, business and product distribution operate. Simply put, network marketing is a system, which organizes and pays people in a geometric manner as they distribute useful products and services, direct from the provider to the consumer.

The CEO-to-worker income gap is obscene. The pay of the chief financial officer to the median pay of all employees represents an upside-down pyramid that few are willing to discuss. Now that’s depressing.

To those who think JP is over-priced, think again. Being ill is expensive! Having a low functioning immune system is expensive. Hospital and doctor visits are expensive. You can choose to pay now or pay later. I chose to take responsibility for my health now.

My Golden Rules for Great Health:

Rule #1: No processed foods (whatsoever)!

NUTRITION is by far the most important (and neglected) step by athletes, couch potatoes, and all those in between. Unsurprisingly, they don’t teach this to kids in school. Instead, the conversation around nutrition is limited to the The Food Pyramid.

Rule #2: People cannot perform at their best by adhering to the standard American diet (sad). One must supplement a diet with natural minerals, vitamins, and good fluoride-free water.

Rule #3: Good nutrition includes HYDRATION, SUPPLEMENTATION, and SLEEP. They are all co-equals in maximizing one’s net potential.

Rule #4: Gluten-free is not more nutritious! Unless you have celiac diseases (and only 7% of the Americans have the condition), there is no medical reason to eliminate it! More details available, if interested.

Rule #5: Stay clear of “carrageenan”. It is a harmful ingredient that is found in almond milk and heavy whipping cream. It is an indigestible polysaccharide (extracted from red seaweed) that can cause intestinal issues and even malignant tumors! Google it for more details.

Rule # 6: Get outdoors and exercise! Do not be sedentary. Ride a bicycle or take a walk. Stop giving old age a bad name!

Rule #7: Take responsibility for your own health. No doctor or so-called medical “expert” can do that for you.

”An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

To Healthfullness!
— Sam, Amazon Reviewer

I was introduced to juice plus about a month ago. My friend is a distributor and wanted me to come to a meeting with her to learn about the product. I was skeptical and felt like I was being suckered into another miracle product that isn’t such a miracle. I ended up purchasing the product, which comes in a 4 mo supply, and after a month of taking it…I really feel great. I see a difference in my energy levels, skin, hair, nails, and sleep. I’m glad that what I thought what a scam turned out to be something I really liked. I plan to stay on juice plus.
— Amazon Reviewer

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