Laryn Nolan: Brea, Ca

Hi My name is Laryn Nolan. I wanted to share a story about my son, Ryan. He is 17 years old, 
but 6 years ago when we first heard about Juice Plus from a nurse friend. Ryan was due to
go in and have spinal fusion surgery due to severe scoliosis. And our good friend told
us you really need to get him on Juice Plus.

We put Ryan on it immediately. Two months later he had his surgery, and even the doctors were impressed.  They asked us what are you giving him? What are you doing differently? Because he had done so well during the surgery. We told them Juice Plus and they said,"Well keep giving it to him." Three weeks later when we went in for his recheck on his incision, the plastic surgeon said that it looked like it had healed for 6 months as opposed to 3 weeks. He was so impressed. So, unfortunately, 6 months later he got an infection on the hardware and they believed that the hardware may have been contaminated and it just festered in there and it turned into an infection.

Ironically enough, the infection disease doctor said, "What are you guys giving this kid?"
And we asked,"Why?" He said because he has this infection and he should be septic. This should be throughout his whole entire body, and yet it stayed isolated right there on the hardware. And they ended up doing surgery after surgery trying to get the infection on the hardware. And unfortunately, ended up needing 14 blood transfusions and Wendy Campbell called all the Juice Plus people to go down and donate because I wanted the good blood. And they actually ended up calling me down to the blood lab and they said,"Mrs. Nolan, What is Juice Plus?"

They said they were so impressed because as a group of people they have never seen so many people have good quality blood in terms of the blood count. You have to have 12 and above to donate and everyone that was taking Juice Plus was between 13 and 18. So that was kind of like our own research that we knew that it was the good stuff. And then he healed
up from that. They ended up having to take out all of the hardware and sew him back up
and send him back home. And put him back in the hospital and put it all back in again.
He's doing great ever since then.

Unfortunately,  2 years ago he did have some bowel issues and they thought maybe he had Krohn's or IBD. So they, of course, wanted to put him on heavy duty drugs where one of the side effects is death. And I made a deal with the doctor and said,"How about we try to change his diet and I am going to up his Juice Plus. We give him capsules that we stir into his food." And he said,"Ok we will recheck him in 3 months and we will see where we are at with that." He had done so well that when we went back in 3 months, the doctor said,"Ok, I want to do another colonoscopy to see." And I said,"Let me make a deal with you. How about we wait 6 months and we retest his blood and do a stool test. And then if you see anything, then we'll do colonoscopy. If not, then we will go from there." Of course 6 months later, we went back everything's been great and he was able to get off of all his medications. And he has been doing phenomenal ever since. 

So I just love that the research plays itself out time and time again with all different
kinds of people with all different kinds of issues. Certainly with Ryan, it proved that it
supported his immune system. It also proved that reduced systemic inflammation because
they could see it in his body. And now I am very, very passionate about sharing it anyone
and everyone because we all need to flood our body on a consistent basis with Juice Plus.



Stephanie Ellingwood: huntington beach, ca

Hi my name is Stephanie and I'll start off this blog about how Juice Plus has benefited me. Now I'm the type of person who starts off very skeptical about most things. For example, how do I know that people sincerely just want to help? What is in it for them? or How do I know this Juice Plus thing is going to work for me? 

I started on Juice Plus only 2 months ago. and yes, it hasn't been very long, but I have noticed a difference. Previously, before Juice Plus, I had much trouble sleeping and when I did wake up I would be exhausted and more importantly, sore.  Weird, I know.  I thought it was a bed and pillow problem. Nope, changed those. Then I thought it was a problem with too much physical activity. Nope, changed that. What was it?

After speaking to my friend Laryn, she recommended Juice Plus.  Of course, I was skeptical at first, but I thought, might as well, I've tried everything else.  

To my surprise, I finally sleep through the night and I wake up completely refreshed!!!!! I seriously thought this was a fluke.  No way this was happening because of some capsules. So of course being the skeptic I am, I stopped for a few days.  And I probably wont be doing that again.  I'd much rather sleep well and wake up energized.  Now I really wouldn't say this if it wasn't true, but Juice Plus has helped me more than anything I have tried.  I couldn't believe the difference. Woah. 

Now I don't go a day without my Juice Plus and I can't wait to help spread the word to the world. 

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